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How Can Thrive's Chiropractic Care Help You Transform Your Health To A 10/10?
Thrive Health Systems is a multi-disciplinary, integrated Chiropractic Healthcare facility with one mission: 
help you THRIVE in all areas of health!

This means we take a holistic view of health, and bring a wealth of experience to any new patient exam.  

We have helped patients from all walks of life - from athletes and military special forces operators to the elderly suffering from degenerative conditions, from everyday normal mothers and fathers and their children to first-response personnel.  We have literally "seen it all" and understand the process of helping someone with a debilitating condition build their health back to a 10 out of 10!

If you are suffering, there is hope.   The solution to your pain problems might be far less expensive and dangerous than surgery and drugs.  Take a moment to contact us for a professional opinion - claim this Internet special offer and get a $19 new patient exam and treatment now!

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Meet Our "Dream Team" Of Colorado Springs Chiropractic Doctors To Support Your Results
Dr. Molly Kallenbach, D.C.
11 Years
Patients Helped
Spinal Decompression, Prenatal & Neonatal, Youth & Adolescent Care, Chronic Inflammation
molly kallenbach chiropractic doctor
Dr. Erik Arter, D.C.
8 Years
Patients Helped
Neck Pain, Back Pain, Military Rehab / Prehab, Neuropathy & Sciatica
erik arter chiropractor
Dr. Krystal Uthe, D.C.
5 Years
Patients Helped
Sciatica, Athletic Care, Functional Mobility, Postural Alignment
chiropractor krystal uthe
Our Proven Process For Success
Many Colorado Springs Chiropractors just want to give you an adjustment and send you home.  While there is absolutely benefit in JUST receiving a Chiropractic adjustment, we have a bigger vision for health, and the result has been incredible success stories for thousands of Colorado Springs patients (read our case study below).

Equipped with state of the art facilities, our team of doctors, personal trainers, massage therapists, and other healthcare practitioners can truly help you THRIVE.  The sad reality is that today, there are millions of people who believe that a life of "pain management" is their only option.  But the truth is this - we believe YOU can Thrive, and that you deserve more than a Chiropractor, but a passionate, experienced healthcare advocate who can give you the help and expertise you need to live a live without limits!
The THRIVE Way To Health
Personally Examine And Review Your Unique Case
Consult With You On A Plan To Get You Symptom-Free
Implement The Plan And Get Results!
Conditions We Have Addressed
Our Staff Have Been Able To Address The Following:
Spinal Stenosis
Spinal Disc Degeneration
Spinal Disc Herniation
Degenerative Disc Disease
Slipped Disc
Bulging Disc
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Pinched Nerve
Lower Back Pain
Upper Back Pain
Neck Pain
Chronic Inflammation
Tennis Elbow
Knee Pain
Blood Sugar
High Blood Pressure
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
High Cholesterol
Hormonal Imbalance
Let's Get You Back To Health! 
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CASE STUDY: Adrienne Metcalf
Adrienne was in such pain she had to use a cane for assistance in walking.  
In her own words:  "I have had 9 chiropractors in 11 years and [Dr. Molly Kallenbach] is the only one to listen to me and pay attention to my body. She figured out what was going on with me, so in return I listened to her and changed my eating habits, took herbals, and even quit smoking cigarettes. I also started exercising which I haven't done since I was 17 years old. I've never loved myself so much. Dr. Kallenbach, you saved my life: inside and out!"

adrienne metcalf
Adrienne Today
Here are a couple of recent pictures of Adrienne at the gym, kicking butt and living life pain free!  She even made a little extra money when she sold her cane!
*Results will vary. Please see our medical disclaimer
Our Facilities
State-Of-The-Art Facilities To Help You Achieve Your Health Goals
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4209 centennial
Thrive Health Systems
4209 Centennial Blvd. 
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
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Still Not Convinced Thrive Can Help You?
Read More Feedback From Colorado Springs Patients:
We just received this unasked for, super kind letter in the mail addressed to Dr. Kirby Gengler, DC: [Alan and I] wanted to let you know that you are by far The Best Chiropractor we have ever met. You are so personable with your patients and show genuine concern for their well being and health. This went so far for Alan and I as I was experiencing major health problems when I first met you and your advice and chiropractic care made a huge impact on the improvement of my health. Also, your lectures on nutrition were spectacular and the education you provided on more than one occasion for us really changed our lives forever. We are now on the road to Excellent Health and not just getting by. Thank you for being such a great doctor. We will certainly stop by to see you on our next trip out West. We wish you and the Thrive group the very best! You have an amazing team on board.

Amy Groenhof

Dr. Nelson is wonderful. She has consistently gone out of her way to ensure I am getting the most from her care. She responds to the feedback I give her about how a treatment feels in a way no other chiropractor has-she listened and did not substitute her judgment for my own! She even introduced my to Dr. Gengler's craniosacral therapy when she found out that my neurologist wanted me to start treatments for migraines. Together, the two have identified factors contributing to my health complaints and I am happy to say I feel the difference!

Chanson Williamson

Dr. Molly is the best! I have been in pain for a year and hardly able to walk. She took x-rays and sat down with me and explained what was going on in a way that I was able to see and understand. I live 3 hours away and searched for months for a good Chiropractor! I am grateful to have found Thrive Chiropractic!!!

Erica Anderson

The mission of Thrive is to improve your life by helping you take care of yourself as a whole. The mind and the body work as one; we functional at our optimal level, feel the best about ourselves, are able to better manage our relationships and internal conflicts (anxiety, depression, etc.). Thrive spreads this message and focuses on the health of your body and mind. They use many different methods to help you experience less pain, both mental and physical. I personally am a new customer and I was a bit nervous having not exercised in a long time, but I felt completely at ease with Evan, my personal trainer. He knew the right level to push me without making me feel overwhelmed, and also encouraged me, making me feel empowered and motivated. Knowing I have financial issues and may not be able to return as often as I'd like, Evan spent some time with me to provide me with explanations of ways I could work on the techniques I had learned at home (reminders of the exercises, reps/duration). He was very helpful, understanding, and caring. Before my time with Evan working on the physical aspect of myself, I checked in with Dr. Nelson and did some simple tests to assess areas I should work on to improve my health. I will get those results at my next visit and also a massage. I assume I will be just as impressed with Thrive. You should definitely check it out if you have any changes in your life you would like to change and desire the great assistance of the Thrive staff to help you reach your goals!

Cristie Herold

Thrive chiropractic office is awesome! We were warmly greeted and felt immediately comfortable in the environment. Dr. Molly Kallenbach is genuine and real. She has been working with my daughter who is a gymnast. She helped her understand the importance of taking care of her spine and joints now, so that she can move more freely and without pain in the future. Oh, and do take the time for a massage. I've had 2 massages so far and have had a great experience. Very relaxing. I recommend massage therapist Venus - she is amazing.

Beth Cobb

Other chiropractors had given up..not Molly..I am now able to freely move my left leg. I am so grateful for Molly's outstanding skills.Beth Cobb

Gemma Powell

Dr. Nelson is amazing! She discovered and fixed the cause of my intermittent headaches. I felt a lot better after seeing her. She is also kind and patient no matter if I'm there for adjustment or diagnosis. I never get the feeling like I'm being rushed. Dr. Nelson always listens to me and addresses my concerns. She is knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely recommend her.

J Filonowich
Everyone at Thrive is not only kind, but focused on helping me achieve optimum health. I have known Molly for many years and she continues to be professional, friendly, and incredibly helpful. I am so fortunate to be a part of the Thrive community. I recently started working with Ethan and am pleased with my results (almost 20 pounds so far). He keeps me motivated and keeps the workouts fun and interesting. I can move like I did when I was much younger and feel much more fit and strong. Thanks Thrive for everything you do.

Oksana Gal
We loved Dr. Molly when we lived in Colorado Springs, and now we still think it was our favorite place, we really miss it. We loved the atmosphere, the tea, the music. It's so clean, nicely designed and relaxing. Dr. Molly is so thoughtful, accommodating and caring. Massage therapists are amazing too. I think we've been spoiled, because I haven't been able to find a place like this where we live now. Thank you Dr. Molly.

Sir Michael Montanarello

Thrive Chiropractic has an outstanding staff of knowledgeable and helpful people. They welcome you with a genuine smile which right away makes you feel like you're visiting an old friend. The office has a nice balanced feel of both professional and home which seamlessly enhances ones experience at Thrive. I have been seeing Dr. Nelson twice a week for approximately three months and have come to trust her professional judgments concerning my particular issues. She has taken the time to get to know me which is key (my opinion) in building trust in a comfortable patient/friend environment in order to promote more effective chiropractic treatments.

Donna Johannsen

I have been see Dr. Krystal Nelson at Thrive Chiropractic for about 5 weeks. She has been working on my knee with laser treatment and also been doing adjustments. I have seen remarkable decrease in the pain and stiffness of the knee. I also have notice less stiffness in my lower back and shoulders. Dr. Nelson is very knowledgeable and competent and she is sensitive to your comfort/discomfort during treatments. I would highly recommend her.

Jennifer Nagel

Had a fabulous massage there last winter. Very relaxing and refreshing. Everyone there was very friendly and professional. Definitely recommend it!

Katherine Caulk

I had been unable to smell since age 11 years old, when I developed Asthma. Between allergies and asthma issues as a teenager, I felt pretty miserable and eventually lost my smell altogether. I stopped enjoying food, and used hot sauce on everything I ate so I could at least taste something! When I was 20 years old, I finally received endoscopic sinus surgery, and received my smell back for a brief time period, about 2 years. I felt more alive, and loved how food tasted again! Eventually though, as my asthma and allergies continued to worsen over the years, I lost my sense of smell once again. This last winter, 2012-2013, I started to have chronic sinus infections and I knew I needed to save up for surgery again. The thought of going such a drastic route, only to most likely have issues in the future again was a drag. I did not want to spend the money on surgery, and I did not want to mask the issue again. I knew that surgery would not actually solve the problem. After getting only a few adjustments at Thrive Chropractic, my sense of smell started to return, and now after several adjustments, my smell is nearly 100% restored! I have more energy now, and I feel more alive than ever :) All I want to do is smell candles :) I also have stopped using most of my allergy medicine since I have had almost no congestion. I also went gluten/dairy free around the same time I started seeing the chiropractor, and I believe these diet changes greatly contributed to healing as well. For the most part, my neck has been through a couple car accidents and we suspect that because the car accidents caused my spine to lose its curve, my smell was lost somewhere along the way. As the shape is being restored, so is my sense of smell :) Thanks for reading everyone, go to THRIVE!

Rachel Corman

Dr Nelson is very personable and I appreciated her attentive and thorough history-taking; the adjustment definitely helped my back pain. I was just as impressed by the receptionist, Katherine, too. She is a great combination of professionalism and friendliness. I can't believe she remembered my name after only one visit! I'll be back.

Jan Fredell

I went to see if they could help me with my IT band problem. I have been doing the laser treatment along with a few adjustments and I can say that it is indeed helping me. Don't know how many more lasers it will take, but I am thinking not many. It had taken away the pain and discomfort that I had when I started. I am very thankful for this relief. The staff is very knowledgable, friendly, and helpful!

Karen Hazlehurst

I went to Thrive Chiropractic over a year ago as I had severe back and neck pain for over eight months. They did a complete evaluation on my overall health and put me on a plan with adjustments, deep tissue massages and I now work out with a private fitness trainer hired by this chiropractic group. Within a month the pain was much less and within two mnths I felt like a new person. They also worked with me on nutrition starting me off with a nutritional cleanse product that cured all of my food intolerances. A year later, I feel like my overall health has improved over 100%. I feel great!! I go for my adjusments and Massages once a week and fitness training twice a week. I owe my good health to Dr. Kirby at Thrive Chiropractic!!

Luke Bonow

Dr Nelson is such a wonderful Chiropractor. She knows her stuff and was awesome at showing me what was wrong. These people really do care.

Emma Sachsenmaier

I am a dancer, and I had a week-long workshop in March of 2012 that left my lower back in shambles. It hurt to bend over, it hurt to bend back. I had been to a chiropractor from the time I was born until I was six, but had not had chiropractic care until then. Dr. Molly took an x-ray of my spine, which showed how messed up it was from ballet. Dr. Molly helped me get my spine back into shape. Today, Dr. Molly continues to help me. On her suggestion, I went gluten-free back in October of 2012, and my spine has been so much better. She has also adjusted my feet and ankles when I could barely walk. I cannot tell my appreciation for, not only her adjustments, but also for her care of me. I also appreciate the staff who know me by name and who are always willing to help. AND EVERY SINGLE REVIEW ON THIS PAGE REVIEWED THRIVE AS "EXCELLENT"! It just goes to show you how incredible Thrive is.

Rhoda Zeitman

I am a nurse in the ICU. I see many patients come into my unit after back surgery that generally tend to lead to a few more down the road. I always think to myself that is one thing I will never do. Although I have had chronic low back pain for some time. I was introduced to the idea of spinal decompression and laser treatments by Dr. Molly. It has been a life changing process. I have never been so pain free in my lower back pain as I am now. It makes me so happy to know I will not have to resort to surgery!

Kimberly Tacey

I started going to Thrive a few weeks ago. My hips and back had been hurting for a few weeks and I was hoping a chiropractic adjustment would help. I had never been to a chiropractor before. Dr. Nelson was very thorough and made sure she understood what I was feeling before doing anything. After looking at my x-rays she knew exactly what to do. In a matter of minutes she had adjusted all my kinks and I was out of pain for the first time in weeks. Dr. Nelson has worked closely with me to set realistic health goals and for the first time in years, I actually feel like I can reach my health goals. I would highly recommend Dr. Nelson and all of the Thrive staff to new patients.

Bonnie Parker-Taylor

I am absolutely in love with Thrive Chiropractic. I feel like I am getting the best in chiropractic care. Dr. Molly is a very kind and compassionate person, and I truly feel cared for when I am in her office. My husband and I are both receiving regular chiropractic care now. I love the discounts they were able to provide us with the family plan, and the extremely flexible payment plans have helped us turn our health goals into reality.

Rachel Rumple

My husband started seeing Dr. Molly for chronic back pain and he recommended I get some basic treatment, too. I didn't have a lot of persistent pain, so I went in expecting to be fine and to get a quick adjustment, but found out I have lost a lot of curvature in my neck and had some remaining problems from a car accident. We started a treatment plan and my back feels great. I didn't realize how much pain I was living with until I started getting treatment. Dr. Molly is kind and you can tell she really cares about her patients and enjoys her work. Thank you!

Sara Petrie

I first started seeing Dr. Molly when I was pregnant with my first child, over 3 years ago. I trusted her because she has had a lot of chiropractic experience with pregnant women...she is also a mother of young children herself & knows a lot about having a healthy pregnancy and birth experience. The adjustments really helped me manage all the aches that come along with being pregnant. I also experienced tingling in my hands during the last trimester and Dr. Molly helped me manage that. She also used some techniques to get my body ready & in alignment for childbirth. I truly believe the birth progressed as quickly & complications-free as it did because of routinely going to Thrive Chiropractic. After my pregnancy, I continued to see Dr. Molly for maintenance and even though I do not experience a lot of daily pain, the adjustments help with my overall well-being. She has even adjusted my son since he was a newborn! I am now at the end of my 2nd pregnancy, and have been under the care of Dr. Molly & Dr. Kirby all along. I highly recommend them both!!

Amanda Barbee

The doctors and staff at Thrive are all fun, professional and helpful. This is the first office I have visited for my chiropractic needs and I have been more than pleasantly surprised! Dr. Nelson is fantastic! The massage therapist was wonderful as well, and the office is always clean and calm.

Adrienne Metcalfe

I was in a car accident 3 years ago and was told i wa fixed. Dr. found probems the other Dr. over looked. I found Dr. through a friend of mine and she was so generous that I am continuing care with her. I've been to 10 or more chiropractors from Michigan to Colorado and she is the only doctor that has made me comfortable and gives me the hope to get better. Their staff is a huge help as well. The whole staff knows all of their patients on a first name basis. Their payment options are also really great, they've worked with me to make receiving care easy and affordable.

Ralph Townsend

I have only had two adjustments and I am feeling 100% better after suffering for years with neck and back pain. This is my first experience with a Chiropractor if my results are half as good from this point forward I will make this a wellness routine for the rest of my life. Good service, good people, good results and good sports talk!

Melissa Boetig

I was lucky to make a last minute appointment at Thrive for a one hour massage. My therapist asked appropriate questions about my issues before starting the massage. Unlike most massage therapists I've met who do a "general head-to-toe" massage, Venus assessed problematic areas, and was thorough as she worked through my different kinks. She gauged which amount of pressure to use and could tell if we hit a spot that was too tender. About half and hour in to the massage I asked if she had time to extend beyond the hour. Thankfully she had a cancelation, so we let the massage continue. During the massage, Venus taught me about the causes of the sore/painful areas and also taught me ways to continue to remedy those areas (i.e. stretches, minerals, etc). After living a year on an Army cot, I feel like she was able to get out kinks that I thought would become permanent residents in my body. Looking forward to our next session.

Joshua Rumple

I suffered from constant upper back pain for a couple years. In just a few visits, I saw my pain disappear and my motion greatly increase. Dr. Molly Kallenbach is incredibly professional and so encouraging. She talks you through the whole process and actually lets you know why you have back/neck pain and how to find the solution to your discomfort. The rest of the staff is super friendly as well. I would recommend Thrive to anybody.

Deb Branch

Since coming to Dr. Molly, my back and shoulder pain is gone and I able to move and function normally. Dr. Molly's holistic approach to treatment has helped improve my overall health.

Gibson Rayner

I've been going to Thrive for about 4 months and I'm so happy I found it! Thanks to Dr. Kallenbach, my pain is gone in my neck and we're seeing improvements in my alignment. She has also helped me pinpoint what foods are causing inflammation, indigestion, etc. Ultimately, Dr. Molly is helping me in my quest to be as healthy as I possibly can be. Oh, and I also highly recommend Venus or Christina for a massage!

Gail Hinson

I have been under the care of Dr. Molly for over a year. Prior to that I saw another chiropractor and physical therapist and was not satisfied. I experienced improvement within a few weeks of chiropractic treatment with Dr. Molly and in a short time my visits were decreased. Now pain is rare unless I spend time doing some extra strenuous activity. Dr. Molly always takes time to answer any questions that I may have. She is a kind, caring, compassionate and knowlegeable. I highly recommend Dr. Molly to all who are considering chiropractic treatment.

Colleen Scarpella

Thrive Chiropractic is fantastic! Dr. Gengler takes the time to explain the issues creating symptoms, make a plan to correct those issues, and adjust that plan so that results are achieved. Since I started my treatment in September, I have felt my symptoms decrease tremendously. Both of my kids, ages six and eight, have seen Dr. Gengler with excellent results. I highly recommend Thrive to anyone who wants to live life to the fullest!

Kim B.

Dr. Molly has been working wonders with my back issues. What's even better about her is that she has been, also, helping my kids. They have been seeing her for about 2 months now and they have not been sick since that 1st visit. This is a little bit of a miracle for us because every winter, they were sick every other week. I trust Dr. Molly with my kids because I know she has her own little ones and understands, as a mother, how to handle the kids with care.

Jane Larson

I went to see Dr. Molly after being recommended by a friend and have not regretted it! I was able to realize what needed to be fixed at a young age and start taking care of my health before more problems occur. Dr. Molly is very professional and kind, someone you can trust with you health plans. This has been my first chiropractic experience and I am feeling a difference. So much better to take care of yourself and prevent from health issues in your future. I would recommend Thrive Chiropractic to anyone! Great, friendly place who love their customers and believe in health care!

Kathleen Solano

Dr. Molly, Venus and the whole team at Thrive are wonderful and caring. They take the time to understand issues and are truly concerned with your health. Thank you all!

Stephanie Swonger

If you're looking for someone to help you become pain free, and genuinely cares look no further. My 2 daughters and I have been a patient of Dr. Molly's for 2 years now. I myself have had some serious injuries which have caused me to loose significant loss of natural spinal curvature. Dr. Molly has helped me regain movement and she has also helped me become nearly pain free. She also helped me understand some chemical imbalances I have and has helped me treat them naturally. As for my children, she is the first person I turn to when they become ill. With an adjustment and some natural remedies they are up and about again within the day. My children are rarely sick longer than a few days. I took my youngest daughter to see Dr. Molly regularly when she was an infant as Dr. Molly was able to help with growing pains and any tummy troubles or any other reason I had to worry that something was wrong. I've been to Chiropractic care before and not felt better, so seen improvement until I became a patient of Dr. Molly's. I am surely pleased that I decided to seek her help.

Jennifer Mason

I've had problems my whole life with my lower back, hips, and pelvis. Dr Molly has been wonderful to work with making sure that those problem areas get adjusted and even calling to followup with how I am doing. I'm moving better and sleeping better these days thanks to her.

Jose Perez

My Name Is Maria Perez : I Been Going To "Thrive Chiropractic" For 3 Months Now & I Been Feeling Great Ever Since I Stared Going ... They Give The Best Massages & Therapy .. Everyone Actually Cares About How Your Doing & they Are Very Excellent At Their Work ... & Respectful/Friendly Too (:

Amy Dripps

I began seeing Dr. Molly in December for my back and also because I was looking for someone that could help me with general wellness. Not only is she very knowledgable in chiropractic care but she knows so much about how the body works and helps to fix the problems, rather than cover them up with medication! Her staff is so friendly and accomodating. The atmosphere is warm and relaxing. Go see her! I feel so much better and have less and less back pain each time!

Kim Bird

Last year during a bad snow storm, my husband and I were in a roll over accident. We were lucky enough to walk away, but the pain from the accident was on-going until we found Dr. Molly! Under her care, the terrible headaches I was having dissipated within just a few visits, and the lower back pain my husband was suffering from went away as well. She provides a holistic approach to wellness that just can't be beat - we can't say enough positive things about her and her office.

Devin Richter

I have been going to Thrive for over a year now. I had to start going because I was in 2 major car accidents and a nasty fall on the ice. I was a hypocrite. You always hear bad things about this stuff but it all ended up working for me. Not only did the problems from the accidents get reversed but my body improved better than before the accident. I got sick less. I have more energy. I sleep at night! The people at Dr.Molly's office are great too. I love them!

*Results will vary. Please see our medical disclaimer
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