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Last Updated on December 14th, 2020

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The words "experts", "leading", "most popular", and "top" are all descriptions of our opinion of the professional prowess of the Doctors and medical professionals mentioned on our website.  There is no 3rd party in which to derive such a title.  While our professionals are trained and certified, the titles beyond beyond the educational designation (such as "D.C." for "Doctor of Chiropractic") are subjective and should be viewed as our own personal opinion.

WE CANNOT AND DO NOT GUARANTEE RESULTS OF ANY KIND.  The testimonials provided are of the individuals own experience, and are not represented as "average" results nor "expected" or "anticipated" results.  Much of the results obtained will depend upon a clients own initiative, ability to follow directions, timing and even luck, as well as other subjective factors.  We take each case as its own, and provide services that are based upon our best professional judgement.  

We do not provide warrantees.  Any treatment includes risk, and the treatments offered by Thrive Health Systems are no different.  If you choose to engage our staff for services, you do so at your own risk and understanding of these terms of service.
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